Menu for February 25 and March 4

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GF--Gluten Free
DF--Dairy Free
Items in Blue: Freeze Well

Carrot and Chickpea Couscous: with spinach, feta, mint, and pomegranate (V, can be DF)
Gnocchi: with tomato, white beans, greens, and mozzarella (V, can be DF)
Cod in white wine tomato basil sauce with stewed tomatoes (can be GF, can be DF)
Shrimp Angelo: spinach, peppers, and scallions in a white wine San Marzano tomato sauce with pasta  (can be GF, can be DF)
Pear & Pomegranate Salad: over greens with feta, scallions, and pecans (V, GF, can be DF)

Shepherd’s Pie Potato: baked potato stuffed with Fischer Farms Beef, carrots, peas, and onions in a savory tomato beef broth with a little cheddar on top (GF, can be DF)
Grilled Honey Lime Chicken (GF, DF)
Gnocchi Casserole: broccoli and bacon with mozzarella
Pork Chop: Fischer Farms pork prepared in a whiskey cream sauce with mushrooms, with potatoes (GF, can be DF)
Chicken, Pear & Pomegranate Salad (GF, can be DF)

Mixed Grains and Kale (V, DF)
Garlic and Herb Roasted Potatoes (V, GF, DF)
Salad Greens (V, GF, DF)
Roasted Cabbage (Week One Only)(V, GF, DF)
Asparagus & Tomatoes (Week Two Only) (V, GF, DF)
California Blend Au Gratin (V, GF. can be DF)

Split Pea Soup (V, GF, DF)
Green Enchilada Chicken Soup (GF)
Three Bean Salad (V, GF, DF)
Brown Rice Salad-scallions, bok choy, carrot, peas, with orange and tamari dressing (V, GF, DF) (enjoy warm or cold)
Chicken Brown Rice Salad (GF, DF) (enjoy warm or cold)

Week One (February 25) Hummingbird Cake or GF/DF Hummingbird Cake

Week Two (March 4) Salted Caramel Cheesecake or GF/DF Salted Caramel Cheesecake